What’s this about? Research into Identity, Gender and Online Social Media

Hello invisible non-existent audience! I’m doing a PHD in Social Research at Edinburgh University (Scotland, UK) into issues of gender and identity in Web 2.0 ‘networked social media’- mainly Blogs and Social Networking Sites.

This is one of my most likely futile attempts to make a blog to document the research process, post links to articles and resources I find useful, and generally build up a disorganised mass of material that should hopefully be helpful to me and might eventually be helpful to other researchers. I will hopefully keep angsty teeth grinding and woeful headdesking to a minimum.

Occasionally, I may cross post my various dispersed musings on Internet Research, social networking sites, blogs, and the world.

My Research area, as of 2006 or so, courtesy of xkcd


~ by yourfriendselectric on November 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “What’s this about? Research into Identity, Gender and Online Social Media”

  1. Ooh, a very interesting and exciting topic. Perhaps by keeping this blog you can claim an ethnographic study.

    Best of luck with your research. I’ll be sure to pop around here again to pillage your resources for myself.

  2. Thanks, I’m surprised you found this post! As to my resources, I just hope I can stay motivated enough to update them!

    In fact my Research Supervisors are very keen on the idea of keeping a blog as a research diary. As to whether doing this means my research counts as ethnography or ‘participant observation’- so far I’m sitting on the fence and not making any claims about it!

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